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  5. "Didzétsoh daosą́ʼ."

"Didzétsoh daosą́ʼ."

Translation:Eat this peach.

October 9, 2018



As mentioned, nothing warrants the "this" in the translation.

Also, "eat" is understood here as second person plural of the present tense used with imperative meaning: you (pl) eat peach!

Finally, the conjugated verb form should be daohsą́, not daosą́ʼ.

Conjugation of "to eat it" in the present:

1sg. yishą́

2sg. niyą́

3sg. yiyą́

1pl. deiidą́

2pl. daohsą́

3pl. deiyą́


'Díí' is missing for it to mean 'this' peach.


Why doesn't "all of you eat this peach" work?

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