"Didzétsoh daosą́ʼ."

Translation:Eat this peach.

October 9, 2018

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As mentioned, nothing warrants the "this" in the translation.

Also, "eat" is understood here as second person plural of the present tense used with imperative meaning: you (pl) eat peach!

Finally, the conjugated verb form should be daohsą́, not daosą́ʼ.

Conjugation of "to eat it" in the present:

1sg. yishą́

2sg. niyą́

3sg. yiyą́

1pl. deiidą́

2pl. daohsą́

3pl. deiyą́


'Díí' is missing for it to mean 'this' peach.


Why doesn't "all of you eat this peach" work?


Im confused as to why there is not an option to hear these words spoken ? There was in the beginning but now there is not ? So i have no idea how to pronounce any thing?? Also its confusing that instead pf teaching what words mean, its showing words ive never heard before and its asking me to guess what they mean ? Im also learning spanish and this does not happen with that so i don't understand why its like this learning navajo ?


Unfortunately, the courses that haven't been popular or had much development don't have the audio files (yet). The Irish course is pretty quiet also. I think it's a matter of cost because the application is probably hosted on various servers and Duolingo has to pay for both the amount of files hosted and for the anticipated network traffic. Spanish, French, Chinese, German, Japanese, etc. are probably a fair bit further supported than Navajo currently.


Would be nice if there was audio for us to hear how the words are pronounced tho...


And there seems to be no place to report this problem; no "contact" info for Duolingo other than the generic reporting link after each exercise.


This sections would be so much better if the words were voiced. Right I am just memorizing shape of words.

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