"Shimasaní tłʼízí bee hólǫ́."

Translation:My maternal grandma has a goat.

October 9, 2018

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Duolingo needs to be consistent on the using "maternal." I have used maternal and gotten it wrong and i have not used maternal and got it wrong. i realize this is in beta but consistency is important.

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Is there a way to distinguish between having one goat and multiple goats?


You state exactly the amount of goats there are or you say, "has many goats".

Derek, the native speaker

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That makes sense. Thanks Derek! BTW, Derek means 'path' or 'way' in Hebrew. May your path on earth be blessed!


Thanks. But I noticed DL rejects "My maternal grandmother has goats." Is this also a possible meaning, then, using the noun tłʼízí?

In addition to blessing your path, if you are in the market, I hope DL is able to pay you WELL for help getting this ship out of Beta. Ahéheeʼ nitsaago!


Who finds it easier to write "mother’s mother" instead of "maternal grandma"?


It shows 'the goat' but answer is "a" goat.

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