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Typos and lack of variation in Hawaiian (beta)

I found a few typos in the Hawaiian course:

  1. I saw an example of "No hea oe" missing an ʻokina, which should have been "No hea ʻoe" (Where are you from?).

  2. I also saw an example of "No hea o ia" that was missing an ʻokina, and should have been "No hea ʻo ia" (Where is he from?).

The makers did a good job on this course, and I can only imagine how hard it must be to include all possible translations. Still, I thought some obvious ones were missing.

For example, the app wanted me to translate "E Kaleo, e hoʻopio i ke kukui" as "Hey Kaleo, turn off the light". It would not accept "Kaleo, turn off the light".

Another trivial one was about putting toys "back" (hoʻihoʻi i nā mea pāʻani). The app would not accept "put the toys away".

There were a few more surprising ones too. For instance, it wouldn't accept "kupuna wahine" for "grandmother", even though that is a pretty standard alternative (and what I would call mine).

In any case, I tried to use the "report" option to highlight examples like this when I went through the course.

Overall these are small points and I would definitely recommend the course to anyone who is interested but doesn't (yet) speak Hawaiian.

October 9, 2018



If you see errors in the lessons, you can click the Report flag that appears on the bottom of the screen after you answer a question.

Duolingo knows there will be errors or translations that they didn't include and the Report option is how they correct them.


Thanks, good to know. I had used both the reporting system and written this comment here, in case it might be useful to other users. I have subsequently received a few emails suggesting that changes are being made. I'm a first time Duolingo user myself, so wasn't sure how quickly to expect an outcome - but it has been pretty quick. Thanks again.

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