"The house"

Translation:Ka hale

October 9, 2018



I wrote "Ke hale," and it was accepted. Since this is teaching the articles, it should not be this lenient. My answer should not have been accepted. I also noticed that "Ke" was listed as one of the options in the hover menu. It should not be listed here. Ka should be the only option in this case.


Duolingo allows single letter "typos", but there is a way to specify that "ka" and "ke" should not be accepted for each other, so hopefully they'll fix that.

On the other hand, the Hints (what you are calling the hover menu) cannot be specified per exercise and will always show more than just the answer which is correct for the current exercise.


Beginner here. What is the difference between ka and ke? When is Ka correct and Ke not? When is Ke correct and Ka not? Mahalo


With some rare exceptions, "ke" in front of words that start with k, e, a, or o. "Ka" in front of words that start with h, i, l, m, n, p, u, w, or ‘.

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