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  5. "Hello everyone!"

"Hello everyone!"

Translation:Aloha kākou!

October 9, 2018



I was given the options "Aloha!" "E!" and "Aloha pono!" The first was given as the correct answer. The translation listed here makes sense to me (Aloha kākou). I think this is a mistake. For another question, I was just given "Hello" and the options included "Aloha kākou." It almost seems like the answers for these questions got switched.


Same thing happened to me. Says mark the correct meaning of, hello everyone. Gives the solution as Aloha!

Seems like it should be Aloha Kakou or kaua


This happened to me as well.


When do you use "Aloha e" as opposed to just "Aloha"? Anyone know?


How do you type using the hawaiian punctuation mark - dash over some letters. Like for kakou


Download Gboard, the Google keyboard. Set it as your keyboard . Add Hawaiian as a language. The Hawaiian keyboard should appear when you switch to it. Long-tap the vowel, slide over the one with the dash over it, and release. This will type a letter with a dash.


If you have a Mac just add the Hawaiian keyboard - then switch to it from your native language: the okina is the correct symbol and replaces the apostrophe; the kahakō is typed by holding down the option key when you type the vowel.


I have instructions for typing Hawaiʻian characters directly in Chrome at https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/34913219


Why not,"Aloha, ekakou isn't this the derivative


Same thing here...I’m loosing faith in this program


Keep in mind, this course was just released in beta. We are being given the opportunity to start learning sooner, in exchange for dealing with these kinds of issues, and reporting them so they can be fixed. In the mean time, we can come to the forum here to check our sanity


Welina & ʻanoʻai should work lol if you get tired of typing Aloha. ;)

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