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So i have done basic greetings one. Started basic Numbers 1 and did ok, although it was asking us to understand Chinese characters when we had never seen them before. Then went to name Lessons 1. Same big problem, it said translate to English and just had Chinese characters we had never seen. How is that meant to work? You can only fail! Pretty silly that you are not taught anything before being told to translate something you cannot possibly know.

October 9, 2018



I felt this frustration too. However, I have seen that by clicking on the character (or the three dots below it - this is different depending on if you are using a phone or laptop) you can see translations for the new characters. This will not be possible if the brand new characters are in a word bank and it will not improve your frustration at the teaching method. Good luck!


I haven't been failing while doing this... I just look at the character than hover over it with my cursor and see what the word is. I slowly begin to understand the character the more and more I see it. I did this with characters like 你好 and 再见。To characters like 很高兴 and 我认识你。All it takes is some time.

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