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So happy about Diné, But Overall site Changes are awful

Im extremely happy about the addition of many new languages. Especially Diné, I cant thank you enough for that. There is a severe shortage of resources for learning this language.When I found out, I was really excited to start the course, and its a big reason why I came back after having been gone for several years.

Then I came across the changes that were made overall. On every course, the visuals were removed. Im a visual learner and this is critical for me. Also there appear to be no pronunciation aids. Theres no point in learning new words if I am not at the same time learning how to pronounce them. This is especially important in Diné.

You've stripped everything down to absolute bare bones and removed a huge number of features that made Duolingo unique. I was so perplexed by the new level of difficulty, that when I took an intro course I thought youd put me in a placement test.

Maybe others feel differently, if they do thats valid. But i have a hard time understanding how these new changes are helpful.

If these changes arent reversed I wont be able to keep using Duolingo. thats how I feel. and it seems a lot of other users feel that way too.

October 9, 2018


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