Why can't we completely turn sounds off on the app?

Why am I forced to listen to the automatic reading when I have the media volume up on my phone? Shouldn't I be able to use the app while listening to music, without it being constantly muted? I know I can use the mobile site, but I prefer the UI of the app. I also do not understand the limited accessibility that the app offers (forums etc.) but that is another question.

Moreover, regardless of what I can or should do, I think it is really obnoxious that I do not have the option to completely mute the app separately, without turning down my media volume level. You are forcing me to have the app hinder my media experience. I searched the forum and this problem has been constantly pointed out since five years ago. Is there a technical difficulty that is preventing you from fixing this, or are you refusing to do this for some reason?

This is one of the many problems I have with your questionable web/mobile interface, but this will do for today.

October 9, 2018


Yes, I would find very useful to have the opportunity to read each phrase on my own first, before opting to listen to it to see if I got it right. As my reading/writing abilities lag behind my listening/speaking abilities.

October 10, 2018

I use my I Phone for my 3 daily lessons. Today, although it is evident that you can hear me, I am unable to hear you. H E L P.

October 13, 2018
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