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  5. "English is a world language."

"English is a world language."

Translation:L'anglais est une langue mondiale.

April 1, 2013



What exactly is the difference between langage and langue and are they interchangeable? I used "une langue mondiale" and the answer was marked as correct.


"Le langage" is the human ability to communicate with a system of vocal sounds (then written signs).

"La langue" is " le langage" used by a linguistic community.

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Then it would appear that "L'anglais est une langue mondiale" is the correct way to say it since it refers to a form of communication used by a linguistic community rather than "...un langage mondial."


For anybody who speaks Spanish, this distinction is maintained by the very similar pair of words "lenguaje" and "lengua," respectively.


I am even more confused now after this explanation about the difference between the two


est-ce incorrect d'utiliser 'du monde' en place de 'mondiale'?


I wonder... DL believes it's incorrect.


Why here is the article necessary, a few sentences before allemand did not need the article.


Yes, my understanding is that languages don't (need) articles. I have even been explicitly told by some people to not use articles for languages.


Would "globale" also work here in lieu of mondiale?


Actually, "global(e)" rarely means "mondial(e)". It could even be misleading, if you mean that something is used everywhere in the world you will use "international(e)" or "universel(le)" or "mondial(e)".

Global(e) rather means "total" or "overall": what is the global/overall cost of the operation? = quel est le coût global/total de l'opération ?

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