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Finished Hawaiian course

I know that’s not a big accomplishment but I do have to say thank you for those who made the course. It’s a more interesting language than I gave it credit for. I’ve never had much interest in the more obscure languages like native languages of the US so I think it was mind opening to see that it’s just like any other and that I shouldn’t just ignore it by default.

Obviously I’m going to advocate that the course be greatly expanded in the near future as it is far to short to make you even remotely functional in th language.

October 9, 2018



Congratulations, perhaps you can add some additional viewpoints, observations, etc. on the course. For example, why was it more interesting? Otherwise, I can foresee these sort of posts receiving downvotes in the future. :)


Did you 5 crown everything?


There need to be more detailed grammar notes, particularly on word order in this VSO language. I could garner some principles quite quickly like spotting the imperative marker before a verb but in other areas I'm having to make assumptions, such as not conjugating verbs like in IE languages or whether any adverbs come before an initial verb.

I reckon however there's enough here for us to start plugging in new vocab learned elsewhere.


Congrats! Can you say anything?


Nothing like I could after I finished the Esperanto and Spanish courses. I sped through it in about 3 to 4 hours, so that isn’t much practice. I think I could recognize a lot of what I learned though. It’s more passive than active vocabulary I suppose.


Apparently, I was writing my comment while you were writing yours. Thank you for the additional comment. :)


I thank you for the comment. I really should write better than I do, so I am working on that.


Thank you for expanding your post - your writing is fine. I've struggled all of my life with writing, which was one of the reasons I became active on the Forum - to practice my writing. Best wishes. :)

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