"Žofie se asi nedívala."

Translation:Žofie probably was not looking.

October 9, 2018

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"Perhaps Žofie was not looking" sounds good to me too. What do you think?


“Zofie was probably not looking” is also correct, but wasn’t accepted


It is among the accepted forms, so it might have been the Duolingo grading bug or you made some typo.

Please do use the "My answer should be accepted" feature. It helps us a lot and it is the primary option to report missing translations. Discussions are for those cases that may need a discussion. Anyway, the report does help a lot even when you do discuss.


I wrote "Zofie probably didn't watch it." I know that's wrong because of "it" - but could one use "watch" rather than "look"? "Zofie probably didn't watch"? And could I say "Zofie probably didn't look"?


Yes, both "did not watch" and "did not look" are certainly possible.

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