"मुझे सोना है।"

Translation:I have to sleep.

October 9, 2018

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Who made this app..i luv u .Thank u


Every time I say "should", the answer is "have to". Every time I say "have to", the answer is should. And my answer is not accepted. Aren't these two the same? If not, what difference in the Hindi would trigger should as opposed to "have to"?


I think 'I should sleep' would be translated as मुझे सोना चाहिए, while using सोना है implies more of an imperative 'I have to sleep', or 'I must sleep'. I hope that helps.


Why is "I sleep" incorrect?


If we were saying 'I sleep' it would be 'मैं सोता हूं', but because सोता has been changed to सोना it becomes 'I have to sleep'.

I'm not overlly familiar with the modal tense because it's not something I was taught in school in English, but it generally seems to be same that you can or should be doing something rather than you are activley doing it, and like with the present tense in Hindi it's done by keeping the begining of the word - in this case 'सो' - and then changing the ending to fit the tense, gender etc. Hope this helps!


Why ''I must sleep'' was not accepted?

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