Translation:Bite me!

October 9, 2018



Can this be ussd as an exclamation? I have heard this in English dialog, as an answer to a a sour comment, but for example, i have no direct equivalent un Italian


Though there is some indication that mating practices are rougher amongst klingons and Dr. Okrand once translated, "Give us a kiss, love." as HIchop, bang. So many Klingon fans take it as courting/mating behavior.


It is imperative, a command. Sometimes the exclamation point is used to indicate a command. It is not an exclamation in the sense of it being an isolated word not used in any larger grammar.

I believe your question means, does HIchop mean the same thing to Klingons as Bite me does to English speakers (basically a less profane version of F— you, with an element of not caring). Almost certainly not. Bite me is an idiom that we have no reason to think translates into Klingon. A Klingon would probably wonder why you want him to clamp down on you with his teeth.

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