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Chinese Character Memoriztion

So I have been learning Mandarin Chinese for about half a year. I have a class in Chinese and I have trouble memorizing the characters. Does anyone know any efficient way of learning Chinese characters?

October 9, 2018



Depends what you need to do with them. If you want to type them knowing their pronunciation and some visual recognition is enough.

That works for me but if it doesn't work out for you, another thing I can recommend is writing them down. Look up the stroke order for a particular character and draw it a few times. Also think about the pronunciation and meaning while you do that.

You could also learn radicals. I never did it myself, but they supposedly help with guessing the meaning of a character. So that even if you forget them, you can at least guess what they mean.


Thank you I really appreciate it, and if you don't mind, can you elaborate on 'radicals'?


Radicals are little components that give hints on what the meaning of the character is. Have a look at the characters 她,妹妹,姐姐,妈妈,奶奶。You see that they all have one thing in common, the first radical 女. You will maybe recognize it as the character for female (nü). This character can work as a radical. The meaning of the examples all correlate to women, she, younger sister, older sister, mother and grandmother respectively.

You will probably find a list of the most common radicals on the internet. Good luck!


I guess the word 'radicals' means“部首”in chinese,it's a part of chinese character used to define the nature of a word. If you can buy a Chinese dictionary, you can use the radical search method to find Chinese characters, which will be of great help to your study.


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