"Where is the phone?"

Translation:Aia ke kelepona ma hea?

October 9, 2018

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“Aia i hea ke kelepona” and “aia ke kelepona i hea” are technically both correct. The order can be rearranged based on what you want emphasized.


Thank you for saying that! My first instinct was aia i hea ke kelepona, but it wouldn't be "i ke kelepona" right? My locational sentences are so rusty - this is a great review.


Aia i hea ke kelepona?

is now accepted 09/23/20


The correct Hawaiian word "ma" does not appear in the word bank.


i and ma are both correct, and not every option is given for each sentence. In questions, Aia i hea is used more often than Aia ma hea. I think it is because it flows faster than Aia ma hea.


I typed (no word bank on this one for me) "Aia 'o ke kelepona i hea" and was counted wrong. Any thoughts on why?


The extra word 'o is not needed in that case. You would use 'o at the start of a sentence before definite nouns and proper nouns or if the subject of a sentence is a proper noun / name in the middle of the sentence.
Compare with Aia 'o Keoki i hea? for example.

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