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"Are you tired? Your face looks like a tribble."

Translation:bIDoy''a'? yIH rur qablIj.

October 9, 2018



What's Klingonese for shade?!


Since this is a type of classroom, and you asked (though I recognize that it was probably more rhetorical than serious), Klingons probably would not use "shade" with that idiomatic meaning. "Shadow" is QIb and "to insult" is tIch.


Although my question was not "serious", I appreciate the answer! OK, I'm going out on a limb here, so might an answer to the question (are you tired, your face looks like a tribble) be the following (presuming there's a Klingon subculture that would use such idiom)? QIbmoHbogh vum SoH My reasoning: "throwing shade" is sort of a synonym for causing shadow, so "you're a shady b..." would be "you're a jerk who causes shadow to exist". (I haven't got as far in the course as talking about casting a shadow on someone or something.)


QIb is only a noun and definitely cannot take verb suffixes like -moH and -bogh.

We don't actually know the ideal way to talk about casting a shadow and we have to be creative in talking about such. One possible way is to use chen: QIb chenmoH ghaH "He causes a shadow to form."

I have serious doubts that there is a Klingon subculture that would use the idiom you suggest, but if we were talking about casting actual shadows, I would probably say QIb chenmoHbogh vum SoH "You are a jerk who causes shadow to form." Of course it's not much of a put down since we all cast shadows.


Since this discussion we have had some clarification from Dr. Okrand. It seems Klingons think of casting shadows less as something that an object does and more of an active interference with the light by the shadow itself. So you could say this as: vum SoH 'ej nIS QIblIj "You're a jerk and your shadow interferes." It still seems like a matter of fact statement and less of an insult, but that's the literal way to say it.


your shadow greatly excels that of the average person, and is not even due to your expectedly large physique

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