Stupid question. In Dutch what is the difference between pronouns like je and jou, me and mij, etc?

3 months ago

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Hi ChrisDBaldwin03,

There is no such thing as a stupid question. ;-)

  • "Me" and "mij" are object pronouns used to identify the object of a sentence. For example: "Ze houdt van me/mij". ==> She loves me.

You can use both, but usually (or at least in my case) I prefer to use "me" because it is shorter than "mij" and it sounds a bit more natural.

However when you want to put emphasis on the subject pronoun, you should use "mij". "Dat is van mij!" ==> That is mine!

  • "Je"/"jij" is a subject pronoun. "Jou" on the other hand is an object pronoun.

You can find a little overview + examples on this site:

I hope this helps. :-)

3 months ago

Wow! This helps a lot! Thank you. :D

3 months ago
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Just an addition, 'je' can also be an object pronoun, and a possessive pronoun as well! :)

3 months ago

Ok. Thanks :D

3 months ago
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