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  5. "Sahani safi."

"Sahani safi."

Translation:A clean plate.

October 9, 2018



so for the mobile app it there are several examples where it shows images of plates with a question "How do you say Dish?" and when you enter "vyombo" is tells you that the answer is supposed to be "sahani" I've reported each of them several time and every time it asks me how to say dish or dishes I enter "vyombo" and if the question is accompanied by plates it invariably states that the answer is supposed to be "sahani" ... since there is no place to discuss it in the mobile app I am entering this discussion everywhere I can find "Sahani" or "vyombo" on the website... I don't think the error shows up in the website version anywhere but I will keep looking just in case....


is there any difference between: a plate and plates? in both situations I can see - sahani


How do we know this is not "clean plates"?


Is this saod after finishing a meal?


Why not "clean dishes"?

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