10/9/2018, 10:23:44 PM



I believe we should also address nā akua because traditionally Hawaiians were polytheistic, not monotheistic. So if we are going to teach about Akua as a single deity than we should respect the culture and address nā akua as well.

10/14/2018, 6:47:21 AM

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Good to know. Add one letter and get demon or devil in Japanese.

10/9/2018, 11:42:21 PM


It continues to be my question why the section has an emphasis on Jesus, God, Blessings. Does anyone have a link to the people who created the Hawaiian app for Duolingo? Putting the word Jesus randomly amongst answers seems strange and included at all is interesting? Akua, Ke akua makes sense at some point, maybe but not in the beginning lessons for sure. Do other languages use Christian words? Japanese? Chinese? Spanish?

10/24/2018, 3:58:55 AM

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Here is a list of the duolingo profiles for the Hawaiian language contributors. https://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/hw/en/status

11/1/2018, 8:18:27 AM


god should be ke akua because akua is just god and thats like any god but Ke Akua is Jesus

10/10/2018, 12:26:56 AM


How do you make differents between God and gods/goddesses? Do you add ku "ku Akua"? Mahalo

2/20/2019, 9:17:28 PM

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