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  5. "Until we meet again."

"Until we meet again."

Translation:A hui hou.

October 9, 2018



"Until we meet again" should specify the number of people being addressed. we (3+) is "A hui hou kākou" and we (2 - you and me) is "A hui hou kāua". or, "A hui hou" should be an option.


I strongly agree Sheldon.abril. I had an incorrect answer in choosing "A hui hou kākou" when I am technically correct for this apps mistake of not specifying. Where can we give them a red banner with an "X" haha! For a free app (sort of: personal info.'s, contacts requested, T's &C's, its entertaining and you do gain knowledge. Mahalo Duolingo!


I agree with Sheldon.abril. I had just answered a question previous to this one that was identical in the request but when I answered this one the same way it marked me wrong. It makes it appear that the response is willy nilly when it is really related to number of people.


Kaua ... is not a phrase that means between 2 people. Like how Kakou is for a group of people. You can say Aloha kakou as a overall greeting to a group. It is a respectful hello to all phrase. But kaua is different it is a phrase that is used when their is emotional value between 2 people... like you can say "Aloha" to anyone. It shows you to be a courteous person. When you say "Aloha Kaua" it says to that person that they are truly a good friend or of great value in your life.


Surely this is not the case for every use of kāua? Even if the phrase "aloha kāua" may carry such connotations, does that extend to the use of kāua in other phrases that do not explicitly involve emotions?

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No, from my use, the use of kāua is not intimate in other contexts. But I agree that I would only say "Aloha kāua" to someone I am close to. Otherwise it sounds oddly formal, to me. Like you would use it in a language lesson to teach the concept, but not in everyday life. Other uses though-- "Hele kāua i ka manawa hea?" would be fine, imo.


So is it like a term of endearment?


down load hawaiian key board kāua ame kākou


I agree sheldon.abril mahalo for bringing attention to this situation

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