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New skill unlocked "golden" from the beginning

The skill Adjectives unlocked golden from the beginning. That means, I was not able to learn the skill in a regular way. What I can do is practice. But it is very hard to learn a new skill in this way. Fortunately it happened only to one skill, at least until now.

Is there a place to report such a glitch?

October 10, 2018



Interesting. My adjectives were also golden from the beginning. I have had the crowns for awhile now and no other skills changed so I think I won't brother reporting it.


Duolingo sometimes returns values from a different (incorrect) base language or drops the values at all, so you may suddenly have zero words listed, or you may have some languages marked as completed even though you never did that. The problem lies in the data source. Doulingo will keep reporting wrong values until you 1) switch to the language affected and 2) do at least one lesson. This should fix the data.

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