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  5. "My aunty is from Kauaʻi."

"My aunty is from Kauaʻi."

Translation:No Kauaʻi koʻu ʻanakē.

October 10, 2018



This might be a question/comment for native Hawai'ian speakers. It looks like 'anake and 'anakala are terms borrowed from English aunt and uncle. I say this because it occurred to me from my way-back-when studies in anthropology that Hawai'ian is actually the name of a specific type of kinship terminology structure, where all relatives in your generation are "sister" or "brother" and all relatives preceding you are "mother" or "father". Thus, there wouldn't be a distinct term for aunts or uncles. Can anyone clarify?


no ____ mai shouldnt be wrong


'Ae, but keep in mind that the word mai has not yet been taught yet, and the lessons assume that the learner does not have such prior knowledge.


Yeah I did "No Kauaʻi mai koʻu ʻanakē."


I am lost as to why it is not “no hea”


hea for places means where. Since you know the place (Kaua'i), you do not need the word hea.

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