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  5. "Are they wrong?"

"Are they wrong?"

Translation:Salahkah mereka?

October 10, 2018



What does the "kah" do to the "salah"?

[deactivated user]

    -kah is used in making "Yes-No" types of questions. When we make this type of question in English, we invert the word order:

    Statement: They are wrong. --- Question: Are they wrong?

    But in Indonesian when you invert this sort of statement to form a "Yes-No" type of question, you add -kah to the predicate (in this case, that's salah) and invert the word order (usually):

    Statement: Mereka salah. --- Question: Salahkah mereka?

    An example using apa:

    Statement: Ini book. (This is a book) --- Question: Apakah ini book. (Is this a book?)

    And with ada:

    Statement: Ada makanan. (There is food) --- Question: Adakah makanan? (Is there food?)

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    Damn why did you deactivate? You are a great Duolingoer!


    Why not "Apakah mereka salah?"


    That is accepted now (as of mid-February 2019).


    Why not mereka salahkah?


    Very unnatural in daily conversation but not totally wrong...

    Never heard people use it though


    I think its because you want to ask sth... Like the other questions Apa itu? Siapa nama kucingmu? If I'm not wrong...


    Would "Mereka salah?" be correct?

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