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  5. "Nós gostamos daquele hotel."

"Nós gostamos daquele hotel."

Translation:We liked that hotel.

April 1, 2013



The translation is shown as "we liked"... but isn't gostamos present tense? I have yet to learn past tense, at least explicitly...


Well, either in the present or the past, we say gostamos. So, nós gostamos = we like/liked, depending on the context. Nós gostamos de lasanha = we like lasagna / nós gostamos da lasanha que você fez semana passada = we liked the lasagna you made last week.


I understand context and all, but wouldn't it be more educationally beneficial to present this lesson strictly in the present tense?


We're half way through the tree...we have to be thinking for ourselves by now, asking questions and researching or we're not actually learning anything, merely parroting phrases.


In portuguese from Portugal there is an accent on the past tense. present tense: gostamos, past tense gostámos; makes life much easier.


I thought that in 2008-2010 the official spelling has been synchronised between Br. and P.?


In some areas... but it has been a long time we don't use accent for past tense anymore (in Brazilian Portuguese).

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