October 10, 2018

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The audio peaks dramatically at the beginning. This would be very harsh on headphones.


Oh it is. I almost jumped out of my skin.


report on audio. :))


Shi as standalone word does not exist!


That's important to know. They probably just want us to recognize it for when we see it in words like shimá.


Aooʼ! I think this is the first approach, so they wanted to introduce the prefixes shi-, ni-, and bi-, before the pronouns. It seems that they cannot still add all the subject pronouns because this first set of words is fixed and they cannot change it or add more words in this first stage. Still, I think some Navajo words would be edited, and also the English translations can be added or changed. :)


Indeed, but almost. I guess the standalone word would be shí, in the high tone. Wiktionary gives a sample phrase, "Shí éí Kii yinishyé," meaning "I am called Kii." / "My name is Kii." This stand alone pronoun doesn't seem to get introduced in this DL course, at least in the Beta version as it stands in mid 2021.

Hopefully as students increase in number, they'll finally devote more resources to it. Especially folks living in North America ought to have at least some exposure to a North American language!


Harsh feedback-ish sound in the beginning


Am i alone to have a bug of sound in the first prononciation ? (Sorry for my english)


I think the audio is broken.


My doesn't work as a translation unless it's wanting us to learn individual word parts - but none of the other language packs have us learn words like "my" or "ton" or "mi" in isolation. Is it the first person singular pronoun? If so, it would be more clear - as far as learning the language goes - if "I" was the answer.


It is important to know that "my" is a part of the words shimá and shizhe'é etc., so we use them correctly.


Its depends in the sentence you use it in, it can be translated to "I" or "my".


Something's wrong with the sound-


I keep notes of words I know in Navajo and how their pronounced so if i forget, i can refresh my memory.


Audio is too loud


How to say mine? As in something that I own.


thank you duolingo. we are learning together. :))

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