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Hawaiian Language Roadmap?

I am fairly new to Duolingo and this is my first beta language. Is there a road map or time table anywhere for the next set of updates or another tier of content? I would love to become fluent in the language via this method.

October 10, 2018



Honestly, it varies a lot from language to language, and releasing such a short tree is unusual for Duolingo. I imagine how much information is available will depend on whether the Hawaiian team is here on the forums and willing to answer questions.

I'm stoked that Hawaiian is finally here and rather sad that I finished the tree in less than an hour. I too am hoping for more updates or at least timescales...

... I feel I should add, you won't become fluent on Duolingo. Fluency requires more than Duolingo can give, even on the most comprehensive courses. I recommend finding language exchange partners or teachers.


Mahalo that you are stoked. I too have been on the Spanish and have been repeating multiple times because of the opportunities to speak using what I hear. I strongly encourage folks to retake the skills over and over because it helps with proper pronunciation, etc.


Aloha. The team has been following the Duolingo roadmap with a few exceptions here and there to best reflect conditions in Hawaiʻi. I.e., weather, food, etc.

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