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  5. "Are you good?"

"Are you good?"

Translation:Maikaʻi ʻoe?

October 10, 2018



are you WELL. good is an adjective that describes the quality of something (a good book). to describe the state of a living thing requires an adverb. perhaps we need people with a better understanding of english grammar for this course


adverb you say?

... in the sentence "He swam well," "well" is an adverb that describes how he swam. But when you say, “I am well,” you're using "well" as a predicate adjective. That's fine, but most sources say "well" is reserved to mean “healthy” when it's used in this way. (1, 3, 4) So if you are recovering from a long illness and someone is inquiring about your health, it's appropriate to say, “I am well,” but if you're just describing yourself on a generally good day and nobody's asking specifically about your health, a more appropriate response is, “I am good.”



yes! :) i believe this is because "to be" is a linking verb... it links the subject with an adjective that describes the subject, rather than describing how the verb is done (like an adverb does.)


Could you also say maika'i 'o 'oe?


‘A'ole. No. The marker ‘o would only be used before names when it is in the middle of a sentence, with one notable exception being "a 'o 'oe?" meaning "and you?" Starting a sentence is fine, though, like " ‘O 'oe ke kumu?" meaning "Are you the teacher?"

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