"We will send this report to the central government."

Translation:Kami akan mengirim laporan ini ke pemerintah pusat.

October 10, 2018

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I still don't understand the difference between mengirimkan and mengirim. Why is the former not allowed here?


Why not "pemerintahan pusat"? In the examples in the dictionary here, they appear to be synonyms.


Actually, Duolingo dictionary isn't accurate... "Pemerintahan pusat" is an unnatural collocation, according to an Indonesian native speaker. For more information, please refer to a Q/A on HiNative. https://hinative.com/ja/questions/20052552

  • "Pemerintah" (pe- noun): Person(s) and/or organizations who give/execute orders. "Pe-" noun is a doer or a tool. So, we translate it as "government". "Pemerintah" includes political leaders (e.g. the Joko Widodo Administration), ministers, ministries and parliament (i.e. not necessarily officers; legal entities are also okay).

  • "Pemerintahan" (pe-an noun): It means "governing" or "governance" as a process/procedure of actions. "Pe-an" is an affix to change a verb into a gerund (verb noun). This article written by IndoDic is worth reading to understand the function of "pe-an" affix.

Here are sentences from the Duo dictionary,

  • "Pemerintahan ini tidak sempurna." / "This government is not perfect." -- This sentence doesn't mean the abilities of the current political leadership. Rather, the entire political process has some flaws.

  • "Mereka ragu dengan pemerintahan ini." / "They doubt this government." -- The speaker doesn't condemn the current Presidential Administration. It's more like an unfair judicial process or rigged ballot system, for example.


Thanks for this it helped alot.


‘Kita’ and ‘kami’ are both valid translations of ‘we’.


Does anyone know why kepada is not acceptable here? I thought kepada would be right because we are sending something to an organization.


Not a native speaker here, but I've been using "kepada" when directed toward people, but "ke" when directed toward things. I think it's been working.


Eight months since @Eric50436's comment. But Duo still rejected "kepada" (as of September 2021)... I'm very sure that "Kami akan mengirimkan laporan ini kepada pemerintah pusat" is natural.

I looked up "mengirimkan" + "kepada" in SEAlang Indonesian Corpus, and I found the following sentence:

"Departemen Luar Negeri telah mengirimkan nota protes resmi kepada Malaysia." (translation: The department of Foreign Affairs sent the official memorandum of protest to Malaysia.)

"Kepada" can be followed by not only human beings but also legal entities/community such as Malaysia and the central government.

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