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Adjectives before/after nouns

Is there any rule to this? Most of the time, I see the adjective after the noun, but there are many times where it's before the noun as well.

April 1, 2013



I'll postt a link to this article here as well.

ADJECTIVE POSITION WITHIN THE NOUN PHRASE IN PORTUGUESE http://www.ling.upenn.edu/NWAVE32/abs-pdf/callou-adj.pdf


This DL link does not seem to work anymore, and neither does the other link in this thread (to the PDF).

Which then makes this other DL post a circular frustration:


Do you maybe have any other resources to point us towards?

I know that amounts/numbers are usually before nouns. Superlatives too?


Apologies. It must have been a Duolingo glitch which was not allowing the 272474 conversation (and a few others unless they were already in my viewing history) to open last night (and instead the site would divert to the home page).


*Edit: Okay, I have since learned after encountering a similar issue that apparently Duolingo updated the site a few years ago so there are several old DL links in various conversations that do not translate for the new site.

The easiest way to spot these old links is the pound (#) sign in the URL. For comparison:

(old) http://duolingo.com/#/...
(new) https://www.duolingo.com/...

Looks like not only was "www" added to the address, but "s" for secure as well.

So that is how to access these old links is to take out the # (plus the extra "/") and if that does not get us there, then add the "www" and the "s" where needed because the number at the end is the same. :)

EDIT (06.18): The site has updated again and while the previous URL (https://www.duolingo.com/comment/[######]) still works (for now), the new links for all discussions now have "forum" in the link address.


So the [currently] newest URL for the adjective discussion is:


:) :)

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