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Dear Duolingo, I have noticed that most of the Translation Sentences are from Spanish to English and only little from English to Spanish. Personally, I actually prefer to translate from English to Spanish because I think it's just more difficult to know the correct words and grammar than just making an 1:1 translation to english. It would be really cool if there would be a feature in the settings or before the exercises in which the user can say how much of the exercises he would like to have from Spanish to English and how many from English to Spanish (f.e. in %). Maybe there's an other explanation for this and I just don't get it...? :) best regards

April 1, 2013



We're always testing better ways for people to learn. We've been testing wiki-style translations, which will remove translations from the lessons. Everyone will get this update this week. You can read more about what this means here: http://duolingo.com/#/comment/261407 You'll be able to change your settings to 'Quiero aprender inglés. Yo sé español' to see articles that you can translate from English ---> Spanish. That would be a way for you to practice in that direction.


Many thanks for your reply, this sounds cool. But I was actually speaking of the Spanish Lessons ("Home"-Tab).. when I have to make a translation there it's very often from Spanish to English and not vice versa..


Got ya! Sorry for the confusion there. Yes, you'll often find that as it's much more challenging to do the reverse. We are looking into ways to integrate more reverse translations into the lessons.


that would be greatt, thanks ;)


For the time being you can start learning English (saying you know Spanish) to achieve a similar effect.

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