October 10, 2018

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    How do we type the bold apostrophe that this needs???


    You have to copypaste hombre


    Isnt Yá'át'ééh correct?????!


    Yáʼátʼééh! I am using Multiling Keyboard to type the right symbols in Navajo. This apostrophe ʼ is different from the vertical single apostrophe ' from the English keyboard, and it is called right single curved quote (right single quotation mark, in Unicode), closing smart quote, or also closing single apostrophe. I think it is typed using Alt+0146 in Windows, but I have not tried this method yet.

    More information here:



    Thank you Diego! I had just asked you that question in the discussion right before this one, so I will remove it when I am on a computer.


    This is cool but I can't access any special keyboard, I do Duo at work and I can only use it in very small browser window. So I'm glad to see Duo is now accepting a regular apostrophe.


    yá'át'ééh is correct with lower case and all marks


    Is there a keyboard I'm missing? Can't progress but it won't accept "yá'át'ééh" OR "yaateeh"


    I've downloaded the Navajo keyboard too and it wont let me progress


    Help!! I'm certain Yá'át'ééh is right, but it won't let me continue!


    I know this is right, what's wrong?


    they can't really be expecting everybody who takes this course to download some third party multiling keyboard just to make a slightly different apostrophe symbol, can they?


    Yá’át’ééh! I'm using the Navajo keyboard for Google Keyboard on Samsung Galaxy S8... Used it to type the greeting here... Would not accept what I typed above... So frustrating! :(


    Yáʼátʼééh! Wow, indeed! I can see your greeting has a different apostrophe from mine. Please, sorry if my English is wrong here. I am a Spanish native speaker. I am not using the same keyboard, and even my Android system is old. I think you can try with long pressing to find the curved single apostrophe on your keyboard. There are different types: ' ' (single vertical apostrophe) / ‘ ‘ (these are the left and right quotation marks, and perhaps you are using the right single apostrophe from these) / “ ” (the same but with double quotation marks) / ʼ ' ’ (the first is the curved right single apostrophe followed by the others)

    I really hope the different types can be accepted. :)


    This is especially frustrating from a technical standpoint as the Hawaiian lessons do have a button to click for the right ' symbol, (just like for accented and glottal letters here), so it is just a matter of copying that little bit of code over.


    I've downloaded a Navajo keyboard and it still doesn't help something must be wrong


    There is a big, big problem with this.


    Time to give up

    If there is no way of answering the question on a regular keyboard then it will be impossible to progress


    No alt codes or Dine keyboard on cellphone. Please put in a prominent note as to what keyboards or techniques are acceptable for input


    Can't do punctuation


    Im out here i can't do punctuation


    on my keyboard I had to go to the symbols and long press the apostrophe to get the specific apostrophe it wanted.


    My phone won't let me put in the accents


    Just copy and paste.


    My phone won't let me punctuate the way it is in Navajo. I spell it right but it doesn't matter.


    Duolingo will not let me put in a simple answer to this question. The reason, i cannot put most of the accents. Very angry.


    Dont get angry i hope it get better for you its much easier to put in the english for the navaho or even to listen to the woman say the words


    Same as others my cell phone. Or your policy to not accept my typing


    I cant type the words with the cell phone key board i spell the letters but the accent marks cant be put above the letter i am trying very hard i dont have to much trouble. With the words for the family members the woman who says the words is easy to understand i really want to learn this language i was born in arizona and i feel very sad i am not doing better.

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