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"Kita tidak bisa menghindari kematian, sayang."

Translation:We cannot avoid death, love.

October 10, 2018



I think ‘sayang’ in this context means ‘unfortunately’ unless the speaker is talking to their sweetheart, in which case ‘sayangku’ might make it clearer.


'Sayang' only means 'unfortunately' when used separately as an exclamation, otherwise it's "sayangnya" in the sentence. "Dear" and "darling" are more appropriate translations for this example. "Love" sounds a bit weird here... makes me think of "Love is colder than death".


I was confused about what the word "sayang/love" at the end of the sentence means


Sayang should be also be defined as baby or dear


"Love is stronger than death!" - "No my Dear."

I think that may actually be the intended play of words here.

Very nihilistic. Love is stronger than death.

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