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Hawaiian course update *may* be sooner than we thought!

Hello, this article seems to be fairly reputable, and states that the Hawaiian course will likely add 10 more lessons (I’m assuming they mean skills) by November! Just thought I should let everyone know, because that would be super cool if true!


October 10, 2018



I'm actually pretty excited that Duo chose to release these most recent languages when they did; despite the length and mistakes, I wasn't looking forward to waiting another year. I hope this ushers in a new era of planting saplings that grow and grow.


I think more people would agree that this is a good move if people hadn't been desensitized of expectations by seeing how courses like Swahili and Vietnamese are handled.

[deactivated user]

    Maikaʻi! I have to agree with the length; it really just did not go over much, unfortunately.


    Great! I have just finished the skill tree! But I am not satisified with the length!))


    Excellent news! I noticed it's now available for practice on the app. Even that is a step forward.


    Yaaay that is excellent news! I’ve barely started the course but I definitely want more.


    Mahalo for informing us! I hope that does happen :D


    When you try to do italics in the title but it doesn't work

    Anyway, this is awesome!


    Ooh that's exciting, I hope it's true!


    Wrong account facedesk but I am excited.

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