"Wow, Honolulu is hot!"

Translation:Hū ka wela o Honolulu!

October 10, 2018



I just commented on the "Wow, it's humid!" thread, which is translated as "Auē kēia ikiiki!" However, I notice that this sentence translation utilizes the more common structure "Hu ka wela!" Wouldn't you also be able to say "Hu ka ikiiki!" Or do we only say "Hu ka hot/humid/cold/etc" when we are describing a place such as Honolulu?

October 10, 2018



October 20, 2018


I am going to Hawaii in 2 weeks so excited! Wish y'all were able to come too!

March 22, 2019


I also think the o looks like it should have an okina before it. If this is an exception, could someone please clarify? Mahalo.

December 10, 2018


the tips and notes say the "o" without the ʻokina means "of". So i think it's like "Wow, the heat of Honolulu!" / "Wow, Honolulu's heat!" I'm curious though, since Honolulu is a proper noun.... what happens when you have "of" and a proper noun at once ? :)

December 10, 2018


what is the difference between saying "ka wela o Honululu" and "wela 'o Honolulu"?

May 14, 2019


In many situations the meaning will be very similar, but the grammatical structure is completely different. "Ka wela o Honolulu" is just a noun phrase ("the heat of Honolulu"), but can be used in Hawaiian as an exclamation. "Wela 'o Honolulu," is more of a complete sentence with a verb and a subject ("Honolulu is hot"), but since the subject is a proper noun, it must be marked with 'o.

May 19, 2019


Hawaii was amazing hope to go again! Like and reply if you've ever been!!

May 21, 2019
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