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Gender in Hawaiian

Well...it is my favourite question

Are there genders in the Hawaiian language? For example, "morning" is masculine or feminine?

October 10, 2018



Genders are not specified like in Spanish. The Hawaiian word for grandparent is tutu. You would specify tutu kane (grandpa) or tutu wahine (grandma), but often just tutu is used.
Word Use Ke The (before: k, e, a or o - definite article) Ka The (singular, definite article) He A or An (indefinite article) Nā The (plural, definite article) Kēlā That Kēia This Ko'u My Kou Your Kona His, Her or Its


Nope! The only thing that pops into mind (when thinking about the difference between what a woman or man should say) is when you're talking about your brother's and sisters is:

Males- Older Brother: kaikuaʻana Younger brother: kaikaina Sister: kaikuahine

Females- Older Sister: kaikuʻana Younger Sister: kaikaina Brother: kaikunāne

Notice that the word for older sister (for females) is the same as older brother (for males) and the same for younger siblings of the same sex

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