"I cannot relax!"


October 11, 2018



Why is 'relax' 放松 in this example and 放心 in another example.

October 11, 2018


The English sentence emphasizes that one's body cannot be relaxed. Even though the context is not clear to its meaning, the definition seems to imply 休息 (to rest [literally]), which is close to 放松.

放心 is used for mind part and not the body. Even though 放心 and 放松 both have the common English meaning "to rest/to relax", 放心 refers to "to be [or feel] relieved/to have a peace in mind". For instance,


which means

Do not worry! Just leave it to me.

However, since 心 is a noun, 放心 altogether can mean "indulgent mind".

October 12, 2018


Thank You. I had not thought about the implied type of relaxation, it makes sense now.

October 13, 2018
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