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Duolingo Hawaiian Memrise course

I was wondering if anyone cold tell me where could I find a list of the vocabulary taught in the Hawaiian course so I can put it into a new Memrise course for we all to use. I feel that both Duolingo and Memrise are great, and even better when they complement each other. Where could I find a list of all the words, if that's possible?

October 11, 2018



You can access my page (now) at duome and find most of the words there.


I am actually contributing to a Duolingo Vocabulary Course on memrise! It's not ready yet, since we only have four out of the nine skills done, but I will be sure to notify you when it is complete.


(Sorry this is so late!) Is this still in progress?


I donʻt know how their course is going, but I made one that I just finished putting the current (2020) thirty skills on: https://www.memrise.com/course/5663937/duolingo-hawaiian-with-audio/


There are a few Hawaiian courses on Memrise that cover some of the same vocabulary. I knew a handful of words like girl, boy, woman, man prior to starting the course, and those were from Memrise. Obviously it's ideal to have a course tailored to this content, but a basic Hawaiian course will teach you a lot of what's covered and give you a headstart with vocabulary even if it's not perfectly aligned with the Duolingo course.

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