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  5. "Saya minum kopi panas."

"Saya minum kopi panas."

Translation:I drink hot coffee.

October 11, 2018



Why is iced tea "es teh" but hot coffee is "kopi panas"? Is there a reason why the noun/adjective order isn't consistent?


I dink coffee hot was marked as incorrect?


Yeah, "I drink coffee hot," sounds pretty natural to me too. If there's a lesson about Indonesian grammar to be made in distinguishing between "I drink hot coffee" and "I drink coffee hot", I think that's fine though. I look forward to getting further in the grammar lessons.


It was a brilliant mod. I certainly drank in that scene...


I typed in an answer almost identical to the translation given but was marked wrong. Is this because I didn't capitalize the I in I?


It generally shouldn't penalize you for small errors (1 letter off, or if you just swapped 2 letters). But it usually will if you accidentally enter a word that means something else (like "hop" instead of "hot"). Do you remember what you entered?


Unfortunately, I don't remember​ what I typed. Sorry.

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