Hebrew With Vowels

<pre> It kindly would please be nice to have vowels with the Hebrew letters as well. It kindly please would be nice to have grammar lessons in available as well? Thank you! </pre>


October 11, 2018


Your question is very funny because you want to change the language.

Duolingo works best if you have at least some basic knowledge of the grammar. It's not a grammar course by design. The concept is to learn languages about the same way that children do.

October 11, 2018

There are grammar notes within the lesson that are pretty good.

Regular written Hebrew doesn't include vowels, so it's better to learn it as it's actually used. As you get better, you will develop instincts about it, and you won't have to rely on pointing.


October 11, 2018

I also wish the Hebrew course included nikkud (vowel markings). I learned to read with nikkud and while it is true modern Hebrew does not use them for the most part, personally I think it is much easier to learn to read this way and then get used to reading without, than vice-versa. Nevertheless, by using the excellent 'Duolingo Memrise' course as well to learn new vocab.. I am getting used to reading with the 'full spelling' system most modern Hebrew and the Duolingo course uses. It is a learning curve, but I find the more vocab I know the easier it becomes.

If you want an excellent introduction to Hebrew course that does use full nikkud spelling, (as well as clickable transliteration on every word, full audio and both 'literal' and regular translations of each sentence) I am really enjoying Hebrew on Mango Languages. It is free with many library subscriptions. It has a different approach than duolingo. More conversational, no typing..and a different approach to explaining grammar. I am using Mango along with Duolingo (and Memrise, and Drops.. I like variety) and find it a great compliment.

The Hebrew course on Duolingo has excellent, comprehensive grammar notes for almost every lesson (as far as I have progressed). You can access them using the website. Click on the lightbulb icon beside each lesson and you should find them. I usually read the grammar notes on the web and then do the lessons in the app after because I find the app interface a bit easier to navigate, especially for Hebrew.

October 11, 2018

I think it is better to learn without "V" - because most of books and newpapers are without. If I know a word "really" I can read it to. I like learning Hebrew with duolingo!

October 11, 2018
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