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"Ze všech sportů mám nejraději fotbal."

Translation:Of all sports, I like soccer best.

October 11, 2018



Out of all sports I like football the best I like football the best of all sports I like football the best out of all sports

Still getting these wrong and there are so many ways to say the exact same thing in English


There is a report button to report missing translations. Use it.


As to me I would often like to receive the answer, some comments also) The report doesn't provide a feedback unfortunately. At least I have never received one)


Every accepted report results in a "Thank you" email. Perhaps none of your reports was accepted yet.


Proc nelze prosim: I like best soccer. ?


To by mohlo akorát znamenat Mám rád nejlepší fotbal, ale chtělo by to ještě člen. V anglické větě je typicky podmět, přísudek, předmět a pak příslovečná určení (to je občas i na začátku, nebo před slovesem).


I like soccer best of all sports. Is it wrong?


As a sentence it is fine, but it's not currently accepted. The word order switch is accepted in the reverse exercise, though, so perhaps adding it can be considered for this one. I will make the update if the Czech natives on the team feel it is appropriate.

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