"He wakes up at seven in the morning."

Translation:वह सुबह सात बजे जागता है।

October 11, 2018

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In a lot of the other questions, the time of day has the postposition को with it, like रात को for instance. How come that isn't the case here?


Similar to how in English we say "in the morning" but we say "at night" it seems like there are different postposition in hindi for the different times of day.

They are रात को, शाम को, दोपहर में, and सुबह alone


Oh my. If we could put just this into a Tips section for this unit it might save others from shouting "को!" or "...wait, NO को?!" after every wrong answer. Or was that just me?


Emotion + Repetition = Learning


I am very interested in this as well. This seems almost the exact same grammatically as the "he plays at 10 at night" and that answer had को


You can add it but sometimes it is regarded as incorrect and sometimes as correct.It would be much better if you write सुबह के instead of सुबह को. Thank you.


I put वह सात बजे सुबह जागता है। but it marked it as incorrect. Was my answer wrong?


सुबह should go before सात


Is there some rule or is this one of those things we "just have to learn"?


@da Sorry, I did not see your question.

There is no am and pm in Hindi. To differentiate, one adds the time of day. However, more formally it would be सुबह के सात बजे


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