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  5. "Er gibt dir das Gute."


"Er gibt dir das Gute."

April 1, 2013



Reported this one for unnatural English sentence. "He gives you the good" doesn't make sense.


How come it translates Gute as 'good ones' but marks 'He gives you the good ones' as incorrect and corrects it to 'good one'? How can you tell between singular and plural if they translate the same and have no article?


Well in this case it has 'das' which is singular. If they have no article, it usually means that it will be plural, like in english - He has a dog, or He has dogs


Confused on this one, i thought that the thing being given would be dative, so that the article would be "dem" Can anyone get me back on track?


I was confused by that too: "dir" is dative, das Gute is accusative because it shows what he gives you... dir shows to whom he gives whatever he gives... Awkward sentence anyway


absolutely awful, simply would never be understood let alone used.

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