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  5. "Who is your mother?"

"Who is your mother?"

Translation:ʻO wai kou makuahine?

October 11, 2018



In the word bank, the O was given without the ʻokina. It should be corrected to include an ʻokina: “ʻO”


Can anybody please explain the grammatical difference between an initial ʻO and He? My vague sense is that when ʻO is used without any explicit verb, it establishes equality between two nouns (A is B, e.g. he is my father), while He is classification (A is a B, e.g. he is a policeman).


He = a 'O has no translation and starts sentences with definite nouns pronouns and proper names.


Ka ʻami piko = the piko preposition ʻo is used when talking about someone or someplace.

ʻo wai is used when asking for a personal name of a specific person, place, or thing.

He is a determiner / kaʻi and is normally translated as a or an.

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