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"This is the title of the book that I read."

Translation:Ini adalah judul buku yang saya baca.

October 11, 2018



a) I don't think "adalah" is required in this sentence b) the reading of "baca" (baka) is definitely wrong


Would “membaca” here be acceptable also ?


I just used "membaca" and it was accepted.


Thank you for answering my question by sharing this information !


Coming back to “yang saya baca” . Is this perhaps an example of a passive type 2 sentence structure ? If that is the case the use of “membaca” would not be correct ? Another question : if we had to translate “This is the title of the book that he read” can we use either the apparently preferred passive type 2 construction “Ini adalah judul buku yang dia baca” or “Ini adalah judul buku dibaca oleh dia?(translating the preferred active mode of english to the preferred passive type 2 or type 1 mode in Indonesian) ?


Rick, Femmy or Wayang Orang, can you help frouk and me with this please? (And is there a way of asking a specific user a question?)

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