"A husband is the spouse of a wife."

Translation:Suami adalah pasangan istri.

October 11, 2018

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is the adalah required? Could you simply say "Suami pasangan istri"?


Why is the adalah needed? (At least it marked my sentences as wrong when I didn't use adalah.)


We could translate a "to be" as "adalah" in Indonesia Especially in a more complex sentence

i.e I am a man = Saya seorang pria or Saya adalah seorang pria; both were correct but the second one sounds more stiff

His father is a teacher = Ayahnya adalah seorang guru (this one sounds more correct)


What's the Indonesian for heterosexism?


I think they don't really have one, though based on my experience I would say 'heteroseksisme' like in Dutch. LGBTQ acceptance is still low in Indonesia. People there usually asked with a kind of cynical tone whether I was, saying no, (tapi saya bohong karena saya transgender, at that time still an egg)


Do you mean heterosexuality (being attracted to the other sex) or do you mean heterosexism (unfair discrimination against people who are not same-sex-attracted)?


Some weird learning sentences here in the family section


Why is the adalah required here when it's not required anywhere else?


"A husband is the spouse of wife"? Really?


Ini tidak sangat progresif


Does "Seorang suami adalah pasangannya istri" also make sense?


Does "Seorang suami adalah pasangannya istri" also make sense?

It makes sense in the sense that it's a correct and perfect literal translation of the English sentence.
"a husband" = "seorang suami"
"the spouse of" = "pasangannya"

You can also use the classifier/counter "seorang" like this :
"Seorang suami adalah pasangan seorang istri."
"Seorang suami adalah pasangannya istri"

Both translations are correct.
However, you can omit the classifier, especially in a sentence like this where you're making a general statement.
It's much easier, much more straightforward to simply say :
"Suami adalah pasangan istri."


Does anyone see the agenda yet???

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