"A teacher needs his luggage"

Translation:Mwalimu anahitaji mzigo wake

October 11, 2018

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I do not understand when we are using wake or yake. It does depend on what?


It depends on the word class of the noun. This lesson is about the 3d and 4th class, better known as the m-/mi- class. (See fe https://discoverdiscomfort.com/swahili-noun-classes-cheat-sheet/). In class 3 (singular) a possesive (-ake) has the w- prefix => mti wake. in plural (class for) it takes the Y-prefix => miti yake. For swahilj you need to learn all the classes and their prefixes by heart, but it goes quite easy when you get the hang of it ! For example, "my name": jina/majina is class 5 and 6, so it is jina langu and majina yangu


Does "mzigo" refer to a single piece of luggage while "mizigo" implies there are multiple pieces? "Luggage" can be used to describe both situations in English.


Yes that is correct.

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