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"The son would send the letter."

Translation:Der Sohn würde den Brief senden.

April 1, 2013



Isn't "senden" used more for sending people, rather than letters which should be "schicken"? At least, that's how a native speaker explained it to me...


That is correct, although you can use "senden" for letters, it sounds awkward. I would not "einen Brief senden", I would "einen Brief (ver)schicken". However, I would "eine Email senden".


"Senden" in this context is perfectly fine. We even say "Briefsendung" meaning a letter in the offical post office terminology (up to 50 gramms).


You can use "schicken" for people, too. Both can be used interchangeably.

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For me, this was multiple choice and both 'senden' and 'versenden' were used in otherwise identical sentences. I looked up 'versenden' and it seems to mean the same thing as 'senden'. Could someone tell me anything about 'versenden' and why it would be incorrect??


Could one also write this as: "Den Brief würde der Sohn senden."?


Guys you can also use absenden instead of senden. Absenden is a verb that used when you phisically send a letter via post.

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