"E hele, e Kaʻiulani."

Translation:Go, Kaʻiulani.

October 11, 2018

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What does the "e" mean?


Quoted from the tips page: "Imperative E

E is used before an action to signify a command or a suggestion. When you say, "E hele", you're telling someone to "Go!"

Vocative E

E is used before a noun (usually a person) to indicate that the person is being addressed.

Ex. Mahalo, e Kawika. ➜ You are saying thanks to Kawika."

You can't get these notes on the app, but they're on the online course.


Ah, I have only used the website and didn't know they weren't available on the app. That explains a lot of the questions I've seen people ask that made me think to myself, "Are people just not reading the lesson notes?" Thanks!


Mahalo so much ive been asking this for awhile


You are very smart


They have lesson notes if you click on the lightbulb symbol on the lesson. It says that e is used 1) as an indicator that you're talking to someone and 2) to indicate that something is a command (imperative). It has no direct translation in English, I'm afraid, it's just a structural thing in Hawaiian.


E has the same meaning as يا in arabic. Well i dont really know how yo explain what يا means even though i speak arabic at home but i know what it means so if you are wondering what يا means search on google!


There is no way to enter the okina on the keyboard, so it tells me that I have a typo


What i usually do when I'm using the computer, I'll google the ʻokina and copy it with CTL+C and then paste (CTL+V) when I need it. I also installed a Hawaiian keyboard on my phone for when I'm using that. Hope this helps! Mālama pono!


Why can't it be "Go to Ka'iulani"


No okina option on android for accents


I cant spell the names


Is there A direct translation to Ka'iulani?


Mahalo! Gracias! Shukriya!

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