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Book for russian learners!!!

I have just found a great book of russian texts on the Internet and would like to share it here:


Hope you will enjoy it :)

October 11, 2018



This is awesome. I read the first story and recognized 95% percent of the words from what Duolingo has taught me. I toggled back and forth to openrussian.org to look up the unknown words as I read. By the end of the story, I recognized those new words too and didn’t have to look them up again.

Thanks to you for sharing this.

Thanks to Duolingo and especially Shady_arc et al. on the team for all they have done for us to patiently teach us this beautiful language.


fully agree, the Duo team put together a wonderful and entertaining course in Russian..




The staff is definitely what makes this course so amazing! :D


@obscure-memes I see your profile pic you weeaboo.


I'll have you know, I've only seen two animes in my life, lol


All of classic Russian literature that is out of copyright is out there on the Net, including a lot at Project Gutenberg and vastly more elsewhere. I just did a Google search on

русская литература pdf

and got, among many other things




All of classic Russian literature that is out of copyright is out there on the Net . . .

And all the still-in-copyright material, too, if you look around, including most (all?) of it in audio.


This is good. Thanks.


I'm not that advanced in russian, but I can still spot a lot of the words from what I learned.


Thank you very much!


I am not that good yet can't read the first sentence :/


I hope you did not start with preface (предисловие). The first actual sentence is «Наташа жила в небольшом городе на севере страны».


@ Shady_Arc, the Moderator

like many other users before me ,here, I want to thank you so much for being a contributor to a wonderful, interesting ,grammatically and content wise entertaining course of Russian from English !! Even though I am a native speaker, I find it challenging enough and yet clear and motivating enough to be able to review my Russian and to improve back and forth translation skills..

Вас всех очень благодарю за великолепный и интересный курс русского языка!! Обязательно буду продолжать мои занятия на Дуолинго Наилучшие пожелания


Don't be discouraged! I can only make out it's an interesting resource, but can also not yet use it, myself. :) If you like, try googleing for bilingual / dual language russian / english books.


Myrrael, try to use online dictionaries to understand the texts..I just looked briefly at first few texts they are quite simple..and have simple enough meaning to convey.. you should be able to read them with the dictionary! this is the time at your level that you can start immersing more into the language mental space, and reading is just that..


Thank you for the encouragement! And, yes, I agree I could read them with the use of a dictionary. I must say, though, I want to work on my vocabulary more before I dip into fully Russian books ( so I don't have to look up every other word, I mean ). I'd get too frustrated, otherwise, which would just lead me to throwing said book out of the nearest window! I'm keeping to bilingual books for now for immersion reading.


Ah, in this case, I understand what you mean ! When I started to learn French that was my feeling exactly trying to read full texts was pretty much that..but i picked up a vocabulary and now I can finally do it in the immersion mode..


Да, there's this really fine line between frustration and being overwhelmed that destroys motivation. I've gone too fast, took up way too much, in the past, and nearly just gave up. but pulled through and found my pace. I think this is one of those things everyone needs to figure out for themselves; how to study in a manner that fits them. Diving into the deep end works counter productive for me. Slow and steady wins the race.


Actually, with any of the online Russian-English dictionaries you can. It's time-consuming at the beginning, but very gratifying when you start to speed up. I got the translated Винни Пух и Все-Все-Все when it first came out, and was able to get into it without much trouble. It is now online.




Ну вот, перед вами Винни-Пух.

Как видите, он спускается по лестнице вслед за своим другом Кристофером Робином, головой вниз, пересчитывая ступеньки собственным затылком: бум-бум-бум.

The Vladimir Nabokov translation of Alice in Wonderland is also available, and a real treat. Аня в стране чудес


Ане становилось скучно сидеть без дела рядом с сестрой на травяном скате; раза два она заглянула в книжку, но в ней не было ни разговоров, ни картинок. "Что проку в книжке без картинок и без разговоров?" - подумала Аня.


Thank you Mokurai. I've been looking for some texts in Russian and your ideas are helpful.

[deactivated user]

    Even if you can't understand, it's still good reading practice. Go through it a little each day to try to pick out the words & phrases you've already learned. In time it will start to come together.


    @Douglas Thanks so much, A brilliant resource, designed specifically for foreigners studying Russian..excellent texts, clear, and entertaining enough.....the book has a dictionary at the end , also you can use online dictionaries abound on the internet

    this book has some pretty basic texts that you can start with..especially the ones in the beginning are very simple to understand.. @Douglas Thank you so much for sharing this awesome resource!


    Omg there are billingual books online, for free! Thank you!


    Thanks. This is very nice.

    IMHO such Russian materials usually are quite a bit harder than the Russian authors seem t think, so don't be discouraged should you slow to a stop after a few pages.


    Thank you so much, this looks fantastic! I'm not focusing on Russian right now, but will definitely be using this in the future. :)


    thank you! just right for me.

    Robin UK


    I'm actually proud of myself for being able to understand some of the first passage! Thanks, this is an incredibly helpful resource.


    It seems very nice and useful. Thanks a lot.


    Perfect! Added to the very useful list. ;)


    Spasiba for sharing!


    I´m very happy to see you are enjoying my post. Every new resource I find I´ll share here!


    Douglas!! me too I enjoy the book that you posted , I just read through the first part of it-quite a few stories- and wow..this is an awesome learning tool for anyone who is wanting to be advanced in Russian I am already a native speaker ,but thoroughly enjoyed rereading many very familiar and favorite stories from my childhood back in Russia..Although my family has other heritage (Fra/Ita ) I grew up on Russian literature as well and many of those stories are really a staple.. The only downside is that they are "abridged" ..I mean they have been rewritten and adapted to the foreign learner's level..so the more natural,entertaining and lively style of the original authors is often missing from them..but that is understandable.. thank you so much for posting this! please keep sharing your resources!


    I didn't realize these stories are similar to those used in Russia. That's pretty cool!


    @obscure-memes.. Hello! Privet! Actually yes those stories for the most part were taken from the "staple" children's and high school age reading material-short stories mostly, that a lot of my generation literally grew up on.. Some of them are of Russian origines-and were written by pre-revolition Russian or Soviet times Russian -but all very famous - authors

    others though are not from Russia but from the folk tales and stories of other cultures that were also popular (they were translated into Russian.. ) All of the stories in this particular book -at least as far as I've read so far- do not appear in their original format..they were adapted and simplified to suit the educational purposes.. Hope this explanation helps!! Cheers..:-))


    For those learning Russian: anyone like Tolstoy? I'm interested in his works.


    You don't need to know russian to read Tolstoy; however, I recommend understanding a bit of the history and culture surrounding the times he wrote his books and the society in which he lived to get a better understanding of the mindset of the characters and grasp of the overall story. I read partially through "War and Peace"; but I stopped reading it for awhile because of School work. It was a real pain to try and understand the overall situation of what occurs because of its difficulty in trying to translate 19th century Russian into contemporary English. And especially more if half of the guys are spouting French.


    very very true..excellent comment..imagine now that when I grew up in Russia , us in the middle or high school had to read through all that and more (Dostoevskyi for example is much tougher to read, and there were many other authors and poets of 18-19 centuries that we studied ) and we were just kids with no real knowledge of life in 19th century,with no life experience in our age and (at that time) not knowing enough 19th century French that abundantly peppers those books..However somehow we understood and loved those novels and poems.... I only fully understood them when I grew up into university level studies..


    Thank you very much!


    What is the book about because I just started learning russian so I am kinda of new to the language.

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