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  5. "Eu como frango com batata."

"Eu como frango com batata."

Translation:I eat chicken with potato.

May 8, 2014



Batata vs batatas? Why Chicken with potatoe/Frango com batata instead of Chicken with potatoes/ Frango com batatas? Both answers are excepted BUT why does Brazilian Portuguese say singular form instead of plural?


Good question, I never watched it :D

Maybe for simplify... you don't need to ask "arrozes" (rices) to someone understand that you want several grains of "arroz" (rice) instead once.


DanielTietz, No, rice is an uncountable noun, potatoes are countable. We talk about rice as a substance, and potatoes as a quantity.


What's the difference between fries and chips in portuguese. I assumed that 'batata' would mean fries and that it could be used interchangeably with 'frites'???


Batata means potato, no distinction of which kind.

'Fries" is batata(s) frita(s), sometimes just "fritas".

There is no word in Portuguese for chips (not that I know). If they are potato chips, we call them "batata frita" as well, and we can use "chips" sometimes. "Chips de batata".

Other chips, like those yellow ones made from corn are called "salgadinho(s)" in general.


Hey Thanks! This helps a lot!


Ou também "batata chips"


Danmoller gave a good explanantion.

Actually, for us, everything is batata!

  • at the supermarket: pegue dois pacotes de batata (chips)
  • at the bar: duas porções de batata (fries)
  • at the market: quero um quilo de batata (potatoes)


just one potato? How mean! as to chips... if you are in the UK chips are deep-fried potato sticks; crisps are the thin slices that come ready to eat in bags and scallops are slices of fried potato, sometimes in batter, from the fish & chip shop.

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